Our Services

Premium Services

Our Premium Services help you to ensure that your bicycle is always in a safe operating condition, that you are never inflicting unnecessary wear on your bicycle and it's components, and that you are able to both comfortably and efficiently enjoy all of the performance that your bicycle has to offer.



  • Disassembly of all external components

  • Degreasing of drivetrain

  • Wash of all components

  • Inspection of all components (replacement parts may be recommended) *

  • Re-lubrication of drivetrain

  • Polishing of paint

  • Reassembly & adjustment of all external components


  • Every 6-months

  • After removing your bicycle from long-term storage

  • After purchasing a new bicycle



All items listed in our tune-up service...

  • Disassembly of all internal components

  • Treatment of any existing corrosion and added protection to help prevent against future re-occurrences

  • Free replacement of bottom bracket, wheel hub, and headset bearings

  • Free replacement of brake & gear cables (except for Compangnolo brand bicycles)

  • Reassembly and adjustment of all internal components


  • Once per year




  • Personalized adjustment of your bicycle's handlebar, pedals, and seat position


  • If you are experiencing discomfort, or pain while pedaling your bicycle

  • After purchasing a new bicycle

* Replacement part cost not included in listed price

Paint Job
$550 to $850


  • Strip off the paint

  • Three layers of high quality paint (Urethane & Polyurethane)

  • Clear coat (glossy finish or matte finish)


  • Steel & Alloy $550

    • Multi color $750

  • Carbon & Titanium $650

    • Multi color $850

Disassembly and reassembly of the bicycle:

  • For a better result only the part need it has to be work on

  • The price for this extra service in between $175 to $300 and depends on the type of bicycle is been serve

Time frame:

  • To complete the job will take between 5 to 8 weeks

Welding Job
$250 to $450


  • Strip off the paint

  • Remove of the damage tubing

  • Replacement of the tubing


  • Replace Top Tube $250 to $400

  • Replace Head Tube $250 to $450

  • Replace Down Tube $280 to $400

  • Replace Seat Tube $310 to $450

  • Replace Chain Stay $280 to $400

Time frame:

  • To complete the job will take between 2 to 3 weeks

Machine Job
$45 to $85


  • Wrap of the piece to protect the working piece


  • Fork Drilling to get caliper installation $45 to $65

Time frame:

  • To complete the job will take between 2 to 3 days

Standard Services

Bottom Bracket & Crankset

(Basic) Cassette & Chain Replacement - $15+part                                    (High End) Cassette & Chain Replacement - $25+part
Free Wheel & Chain Replacement - $15+part
Bottom Bracket Replacement - $40+part


Brake Cable Replacement - $10+part
Brake Pad Replacement - $8+part
Disk Brake Pad Replacement - $15+part
Brake Adjustment - $12

Derailleur & Shifter

Gear Cable Replacement - $10+part
Drivetrain Cleaning - $45
Derailleur & shifter adjustment - $15

Fork & Headset

(Seal Bearings) Headset Replacement - $45+part
(Ball Bearings) Headset Replacement - $45+part
Fork alignment - On-site Estimate


Frame Alignment - On-site Estimate


Tube Replacement - $10+Part
(Solid) Rear Hub Axel Replacement - $30+part
(Sealed) Rear Hub Axel Replacement - $30+part
Wheel Truing - Start at $15 per wheel depending on condition


Boxing of Bicycle - $75

Custom Services

Our Custom Services help you to address any needs that you may have that cannot be met by either our premium or standard services such as Custom Frame Creation, and both Metal and Carbon Fiber Customization and Repairs. Call or visit us in-store for more information on these services.